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About Dean & Karen Andreola

In 1989, upon returning from overseas missions Dean & Karen Andreola founded the Charlotte Mason Research & Supply Company with the republishing of the classic six volume Original Homeschooling Series. These volumes written by the British educator, Miss Charlotte Mason (1842-1923) had been out of print in their entirety for nearly eighty years. During slow, careful reading of Miss Mason's books Karen began attempts of putting her study into practice with their children. She became quite enthused about Miss Mason's ideas and methods of teaching. Dean and Karen hosted a monthly support group in their home to discuss what they had been learning. The purpose of the group was to introduce, instruct and encourage other homeschoolers with the "Charlotte Mason Method."

Upon borrowing old copies of Miss Mason's magazine, "Parents' Review", from a British library, Karen would snatch odd hours of reading time to glean ideas from the faded pages of its articles. When her young children were occupied with play-dough, cut and paste, sandbox or puddle-pool she was close by with her face in an old volume of the "Parents' Review" jotting down notes as things appealed to her. Its articles affirmed what she was reading in Miss Mason's books. With her new found excitement she published her collection of gleanings and interpretations in her own magazine (of the same name) "Parents' Review"— a magazine for home training and culture. (All twenty-four back issues are still made available). Kept in circulation for six years (1991-1996) this advertisement-free magazine also included a sprinkling of articles from Miss Mason's original magazine, which she thought relevant. During the years she was editor, Karen was privileged to receive hundreds of letters from its readers. Many parents were happily seeing good results of the method in their own homes. Others had questions. She discontinued "Parents' Review" to collect her writing (and answers to questions) into a chunky and sweetly-illustrated book titled A Charlotte Mason Companion - Personal Reflections on the Gentle Art of Learning. Very quickly it became a best selling title in the homeschool world. She also wrote Simply Grammar and Pocketful of Pinecones, and revised a lovely edition of the classic Beautiful Girlhood. In the 1990's Karen was a regular columnist for Mary Pride’s "Practical Homeschooling Magazine" and new for 2006, Story Starters Helping Children Write Like They've Never Written Before.

The Andreolas were frequently requested to speak at homeschool conventions nation wide. They shared from their pioneering research, making the ideas user-friendly for modern day parents. "Living" book recommendations and original homespun applications of the CM method provide practical encouragement on how to live "the educational life." Karen's concept of Mother Culture™ also helps mothers find peace and fulfillment in their roles as teachers and homemakers.

At present, the Andreolas write product reviews for Rainbow Resource Center's homeschool catalog. Dean is a veteran of the Christian publishing industry. He is also an active publishing and book-selling consultant. You are invited to visit Karen's blog, for additional information.

Dean & Karen have homeschooled their three children since the early 1980's. The family volunteered for a term in London, England serving with Operation Mobilization’s Send-the-Light literature ministry. They now make their home in Lancaster County Pennsylvania.

Charlotte Mason Research & Supply Co.
P.O.Box 296, Quarryville PA 17566


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Homeschool Highlights provides homeschooling resources for home schooling parents and students. This site is hosted by Dean and Karen Andreola, noted authors who brought to light the works of Charlotte Mason. They also review "living books" and homeschool curriculum materials for Rainbow Resource Center.

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