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I have truly enjoyed your work. Companion, Pinecones and Simply Grammar. Please keep it up. We all appreciate the encouragement.
--Ann Thacker

Hello ~ Your new website makes me smile just to look at it. Thanks so much for all energy and joy you both share with us. We would be lost without you!
--Sharon Sterrett

I have just started to explore your well-anticipated web page and I just wanted to say I loved your Pocketful of Pinecones. I could not put it down! Your family has helped so much in the confusing challenge of choosing what homeschooling material I will use for my children.
Thanks so much,
--Lori Houghton in Kentucky

Dear Karen,
I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your new feature on your website, Homeschool Highlights. It is a treasure of inspiration! I discovered it in December and have been returning when I have opportunity to read more of your articles or re-read them. They are excellent.
I look forward to reading any new ones in the future. Also, your books, A Charlotte Mason Companion and Pocketful of Pinecones have been instrumental in my visions of home educating my children.
Thanks again,

Wholeheart Ministries…An Old Friend
Sweet Karen and Dean,
I know you must be very proud of this web site. It is beautiful and I hope that you are able to reach many to encourage them through it. Thanks for putting Sarah's article there, as I think it was an encouragement to her.
      I hope our paths cross some time in the future. The Lord allowed us to meet at an important time in our life as mothers of young children and I hope yet to have some memories ahead. I pray God's hand of grace and love to be evident to each of you this year. With fondness and appreciation of your great work of encouragement to so many,
--Sally Clarkson

A Well-Highlighted Companion
I just wanted to encourage you in your work, which has been so encouraging to me and countless others. I have a copy of the Charlotte Mason Companion and most of it is hi-lighted : ). I've homeschooled for six years now. It has been very rewarding and very challenging. To have resources and articles available such as what you are offering, is what keeps me going at times! Thank you again. God's continued blessings to you.

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The Gentle Art of Learning




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Homeschool Highlights provides homeschooling resources for home schooling parents and students. This site is hosted by Dean and Karen Andreola, noted authors who brought to light the works of Charlotte Mason. They also review "living books" and homeschool curriculum materials for Rainbow Resource Center.

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